What the Fuck!!

I know i’ve been away for a while but damn!  What the fuck happened to my blog content: 😦 my templates, flash animations, color forcasts…are all fucking gone!  I’m pissed. 

My Computer crashed last week and i haven’t begun to reinstall everything yet!…I’ve been livin’ off my laptop.  Making music.  Oh yeah bitches….I’m legal now! viva 420! I love cali how could you want to live anywhere else! except amsterdam.  Ya know, even though humanity is on it’s final leg, it’s all good!



i know that i’ve been away for a while

i’ve been in full mommy mode…….but i have managed to start taking piano classes again, only for the first time in like 20+ years!
it’s back to school time and yesterday was clothes shopping and today is schoool supply shopping! argh… it’s almost over!

On my way from registering cyrus for school i saw this awesome vehicle-
starwars car
…only in l.a.

on a creative note… i’m almost finished “anywhere but here”- mohawk picannini
mohawk picannini

i’ve finished and signed my latest piece”dancing in a minefield”

even though i didn’t make it to burning man, i’m still working on my greenman mask.
greenman costume

my michael jackson illo came out really hot! I’m editing the footage from my interview with cre8, and I’m hooking up with pedro next week to interview him. Oh, and cosmic mumbo jumbo 11&12 is in production and is scheduled to tape next week and the theme is back to basics.

Well i’d love to go into details but mother duty is calling and i have to go cook something.