& Michael Jackson

I finally finished it! The Michael Jackson Painting.  The second in my Rockstar Crush Series.

My Michael Jackson Painting
My Michael Jackson Painting

….i did one of the other virgo i like…..what’s his name–uh yeah! Freddie Mercury! But I haven’t shot it yet.


I have got to stop listening to the news.  I promise myself that i won’t start again but do…. If i don’t listen to the news then i won’t get angry! Right?! I know that I’m being fatalistic but the world is going to hell in a hand basket.  I think we should all become mindless drones & maybe the end won’t be so painful.

Well I’ve been settling back @ the studio after a whirlwind summer filled with exciting people & places.  Sometimes wish i could stop and capture every moment but that would prevent me from living in the moment which i am really into right now! I’ve been meeting some really interesting people, with interesting ideas that are making take stock of my own life [you know who you are].

It all has me starry eyed as i exchange with like minded people who’s success in their own lives, give me the needed encouragement to keep going and to be as brave, brazen, & fearless as I want to be….and that is my goal after all, is to be the hero of my dreams.

stay true ya’ll