My Beautiful Struggle: is still…..

oh where should I start? There so many things[more like people] comin’ @ me of late, that Idon’t want to talk to anyone without a NDA in place.

MENTAL NOTE: I dont like to talk on the phone– thats why I dont have a cell phone!!  IT IS NOT PERSONAL! EVERYONE in my life THINKS that they are important enough to have my cell phone number—when they are not.  So I had to implement a little tough love. When people [and i mean everyone] demonstrate that they can keep calls that are unrealated to busine$$ under 2 min. or less & not waste my valueble time with repetitive calls over trivial bullshit…. Then and only then will I give you my#. But untill then–email me and you can ramble on into eternity.

Oh! and my house phone….. fuggitaboutit!  Only about 10 people have that #…… yeah, its that serious! I have no idea wassup with people right now, coming @ me?  I’m just chillin’ right now.  Humanity NEVER fails to disappoint me. Thats why I only trust me & God



I am experinencing techinical difficulties!

Okay it’s end of the world….or @least what I care about it…

My ipod is not working! Yeah I know.

My computer is infected with all types of shit

My DVD’s don’t work(but nice package)


My website won’t let me update!

But I’m trying to be cool!

Is mercury retrograde? Not Yet! omg

Mercury goes retro  May 7th, 2009 @ 12:55 am est in Gemini/ goes direct May 30th @ 9:18 pm est in Taurus

Don’t let me get started on Astroids:

We almost got smacked again. This time by asteroid  2009 DD45.  It was about 48,800 miles away from precious Gaia[Earth] on Monday @ 8:30am.  Just think, all of our petty & insignificant issues would of been totally irrelevant.

God’s got a great sense of humor and he must like to play marbles too. I don’t like to obsess over shit I can do nothing about but– 433 Eros / The Asteroid 4179 Toutatis supposedly will near miss us in 2012/ The 885 ft asteroid 99942 Apophis that is supposed to visit us in 2029 has got my poor little brain more overloaded than usual.  I know that  I shouldn’t be angst cuz u can’t get out of this life alive anyways.

NASA’s Near-Earth Object Program:

In the beginning & the end—- It’s all about the work!

Man, I am feeling myself right now! I don’t why I get such a sense of accomplisment when my clients are happy.

I love being a part of other peoples dreams, and as they start to materialize– the joy of seeing someone else’s dreams come true is just priceless.  I’m so grateful & humbled that I can be a part!

I spent sooooo many years branding & packaging other artists & designers that by the time I opened my own studio, I just wanted to focus on me… That’s why I wasn’t excepting any new clients for the longest time.  But this recession changed all that! I’m not to the point of looking for work(thank God)…. but I’m not turning people away anymore like I used to.  I am @ a point in my life that I am just open.  So that’s why I’ve been doing so much branding lately & hey! It increases my brand recognition by developing other businesses brand…. not to mention $$$$

Yesterday was a very productive day.  I have more dvd’s in stock– cmj 18&19 plus whatever 3&4.  The circulation of those widgets are causing quite an impact. Neva would of thought!

It’s raining now, so I want to get some writing done…..cuz u know i love to write & paint in the rain.

Keep it Crackin’ Ya’ll