This summer is quickly coming to a close.  As usual my life is a chaotic swirl of possibilities.  This flu really threw a monkey wrench into my to do list.  I’m getting back on my feet but my energy level is still low.  My body is just not accomplishing everything my mind wants to do. 

But I managed to have a wonderful photoshoot with photographer Jaha Zainabu…..She has such a great eye, and made me feel really comfortable in front of the camera. She immediatellly got my Shabby Chic lifestyle. Take a look.

I got paint/ I got tshirts/ I’ve been prepping for that moment that I can get my print on….Stay Tunes. Gotta Stay on My Merch….I just wish my body would get back to 100% ASAP

Que the Mozart! Cuz I’m still obsessing over papertoys

As the world & everyone else fade into backround noise, my imagination is such a jealous mistress cuz all I can think about are my new paper doll & toy line.  I have finally found unification of my packaging design with toy design….I told ya’ll I would find a way to sell you an empty box! lol 😉 I’ve been making a whole lotta new friends with these puppies….just thru the proofing process! I have not a clue in the world how paper toys, music publishers, and architecture connect with each other but whatever! They are Great convo pieces…:D

I got some more down @ the shop & I’ll post ’em laterz…..Art Fuckery @ it’s best! The price point on these jokers is totally rediculous. If I did sell the color patterns, it probably be around $15 bucks a sheet. ugh 😦  Hey Glossy cardstock 11×17 aint cheap. and if I had them die cut that would make the cost even higher. I would have to just offer the DIY blank and/or the vector file for dwnld like everyone else… for now. 

No profit in this endeavor so I’m just creating them for my favorite person in the world…..me