Hello Earthlings….

I’m still having a bitch of a time posting to my website! AArrrrggghhh! It’s always something…I got a new committment to an old agenda! Been working extremely long & hard on my next moves.  I know I’m super irritating when I’m focused. But when I’m ready to be the social butterfly, you’ll see me around 😉 Just on a different track right now…



15 day until All Hallows Eve….

I can’t believe it’s 2 weeks to Halloween…..How did it sneak up so fast?! I haven’t decorated shit.  I gotta pull it together fast. I ain’t goin out like that!

TGIF BITCHES!!! I’m having technical difficulties w/posting to my website…..

Where did the week go huh?! Twitter is officially the new black…so FaceBook but you know in the SocialMedia game the enduser is Real Fickle……on to the next shit.

You know I’ve always been an Artist’s Artist– never a fan favorite.  I don’t think that I have even 5 regular people customers. My customer is a from the arts/entertainment/sports/publishing/technology industries.  Love ya’ll everyday somebody walks thru my door that totally amazes me……like wow. How are you guy finding me? I don’t advertise? Word of mouth is a mutha fucka! It’s all good. ya neva know who ya talkin to……peep game!

The Holidays are approaching and I am nicely prepared. Come hither & give me money 🙂