The Beautiful Struggle ain’t that beautiful. 👩🏾‍🎨

It’s been a fucked up 2022 thus far. My family is recovering from covid…. Again. Surviving this virus is only one part of the battle, surviving financially is a whole nother but equally as devastating matter. My family and I could really use some help getting through this. If you think that you can help at all, my Cash App is: $TheAfroPuffShop and my PayPal is: @Adahma / Thanks in advance ❤️

My Inktober 2021 Series

Here are the portraits sketches that I created for the month of October/Inktober annual challenge. I was already in black and white illustration mode because I’m simultaneously working on 2 different coloring books.

Teka Lark Sontag

Hey There Springtime!

I haven’t realized that it’s been so long since I’ve posted. I’ve been hanging with this pandemic life like everyone else. I’ve been staying creative for my sanity and well being. So let’s get to it!

Look at her! Isn’t she beautiful 🤩 My new WoodZilla!
I’ve been having so much fun printing. I’m in absolute love ❤️
Yes I did build me a gourd mini banjo 🪕
…And I built a lyre too!

I’m kinda not looking forward to the end of the pandemic. I love all this stay at home stuff. 🥰

Random Moths. Articulated for shadow puppetry and stop motion

I think we’re kinda caught up? I could bore you with way more block printing 😂 FYI I do accept donations 💰since the fairs and shows are not open yet and the SBA is only giving PPP Loans to criminals 🙄😒 if you want to show support you can make it at my cash app: $TheAfroPuffShop or PayPal,me/Adahma. Donations for $25 or more will send you a block print or some stickers. Please include your mailing address. I’m not savvy enough about NTF art yet.

Banjo Practice

Constantly being interrupted 🤬
I haven’t practiced in a month and I’m still trying to bond with my new RK Dirty 30 banjo that I got for Xmas. I got a brief moment alone so I banged out a practice vid.

I play songs a couple of different ways so I don’t get bored. Also I love trying out new techniques. There’s always more to learn. 🥰