BANJO PRACTICE: No More Auction Block & Poor Boy

I know y’all have been wondering what is up with me, what happened to the art, what’s up with the music talk and all that. The banjo has entered my life, and took up residence. Here’s my progress at a year and half. I tape myself again at Christmas which will be my two year banjo anniversary.

Here’s the link to view No More Auction Block: No More Auction Block
Heres the link to view PoorBoy: Poor Boy

I’ll post the last when it finishes uploading. I hope y’all enjoy. 🙂

AfroPuff Music On SoundCloud…

Since I got this show coming up @ the Whiskey A Go Go! Yes its my first show there. Ive been updating my SoundCloud page >>> Ive posted a mix of the old with the new.  I’ll be performing a mix of my material and some classic blues standards with a rock twist of course.  Tickets are gonna be $10 buck. I’ll be posting a link over the next couple of days so that the tickets can be purchased on my site or here.

Life is Awesome…. Great time of my life and i feel so comfortable with who I am.  Loves My Banjo!


Hey Ya’ll: a friend of ours is selling his collection of cars –22 in all. This is the first of many that will go up for sale so keep checking in….Treat yourself to Something nice.  Ya’ll know that you’re tired of those slow ass hybrid cars. Check the pics & specs on this beauty!  😀

The Seller is Very Motivated! ! Don't miss out on your Dream Car!

The Seller is Very Motivated! ! Don’t miss out on your Dream Car!

red mustang 68_Page_2 red mustang 68_Page_3 red mustang 68_Page_4 red mustang 68_Page_5 red mustang 68_Page_6