Round One: AFROPUFF PaperToy Pics!

Yesterday was the perfect day for shooting in the garden with some of my paper friends! 😀

Butterfly Goddess PaperToy © Adah Glenn

Bright Idea Goddess PaperToy perched on a bird of paradise © Adah Glenn

GreenPill Totem on Mushroom Paper Toy © Adah Glenn

Green Pill Head perched on a Bird of Paradise © Adah Glenn

BoxToy Group Shot © Adah Glenn

Cyclops BoxToy © Adah Glenn

AfroGoddess PaperToy © Adah Glenn

 More To Come…..So Stay Tuned 🙂


Que the Mozart! Cuz I’m still obsessing over papertoys

As the world & everyone else fade into backround noise, my imagination is such a jealous mistress cuz all I can think about are my new paper doll & toy line.  I have finally found unification of my packaging design with toy design….I told ya’ll I would find a way to sell you an empty box! lol 😉 I’ve been making a whole lotta new friends with these puppies….just thru the proofing process! I have not a clue in the world how paper toys, music publishers, and architecture connect with each other but whatever! They are Great convo pieces…:D

I got some more down @ the shop & I’ll post ’em laterz…..Art Fuckery @ it’s best! The price point on these jokers is totally rediculous. If I did sell the color patterns, it probably be around $15 bucks a sheet. ugh 😦  Hey Glossy cardstock 11×17 aint cheap. and if I had them die cut that would make the cost even higher. I would have to just offer the DIY blank and/or the vector file for dwnld like everyone else… for now. 

No profit in this endeavor so I’m just creating them for my favorite person in the world…