Yea! Spring is here. :)

Well my garden has survived the winter. But my garden hasn’t survived my chickens! My birds ate Everything! Only reason that they are still alive is because they give me the most delicious eggs.


Beside from that! My garden is off the chain. The backyard foraging is a sublime experience. My kale, mustards & bok choi were eaten. My Pom trees are showing NO SIGNS of Life. 😦
My collards, asparagus, blueberries, tomatoes, cilantro, dill, are damn near a religious experience.

I nursed my avocado tree back to health and it’s bearing fruit, the fig tree, berries, and passion fruit are fabulous. I replanted the carrots and onions that the chickens ate…. I’m trying to recover the mustard and kale. My corn is getting so tall! My squash, peppers, & zucchini are blooming and i just planted my watermelon seeds today. I will post pics soon! See ya

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