Is The Outsider the New Establishment?

Well people, it must be a sad state of affairs in the world when I’m being sought out and invited to be part of the establishment!  What do I mean? What you don’t grok?!;D

Earlier this week this museum scout from the Architectural + Design Museum came to the shop and invited me to come wreck shop @ at their annual Art Bash 2008 on Museum row on Wilshire Blvd. So I said,”Sure!”

I mean come on! No Censorship! WTF! It’s happening to me and  I still don’t believe it!.   I went last night to set up and was totally blown away to (1) see that the shit was real, (2) Everyone was so nice and accomidating.  I just knew when I put in my dvd to start my projection that they would be like, “No thanks!”  But it’s a funny what a difference a few months can make.  When I broadcasted “WHERE’S MY BAILOUT BITCH” a couple of months ago, most didn’t get it and were a bit put off.  BUT MUTHAFUCKAS get that shit NOW!  I taped the final episode of COSMIC MUMBO JUMBO 19, but do to the closure of the Public Access system on Dec. 31CMJ 19 will never be aired by cable  broadcast.  Oh well, as on door closed another flew open…..& i didn’t even have to do anything!

I know i said i wasn’t going to do anything special for my 40th, but it seems the universe has other plans for me.

Today, the A+D Museum and next saturday I’ll be showing up @ Ayanna’s in Pasadena  [it won’t be bourgie I swear!] for my PAPER DOLLS SHOW.  I’m having a Paper Doll workshop the entire day! Yeah, my first workshop! [Please don’t overwhelm me — you know how I like to be on Low Key vibe].


So! How long do you think that I will be able can claim underground outsider status?



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