What a year…..

Man, this has been quite the year for me…all I can say is, “I’ve completed my 10,000 hours quite a while ago! Yeah remember Adah the pampers baby! Yeah, I got my first professional job @ 4 months old! Fastforward 40 years and here I am…. It’s a real trip to have everything unfold for me so effortlessly — a bit scary too.

What a wonderfull Life. I don’t know what 40 holds for me — Don’t care really, I’m just taking things as they come.

Here are some Artbash Pics:

This event was so wild that it was reminniscent of some old school San Francisco shit!

Dude! It was cold as a motherfucker out there! And his ass was meditating & chanting & shit!WTF


Here a some pics from my ArtBash 08 installation:


Here is my Natural Way Doll that I finished last week:


Here I am in MyBettie Page CatTail Costume…..10.31.08


Yeah I know……I have WAY too much fun! Its great to be me!

Enough sharing for now.



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