Ok…. Today is a new day

I really hope my blog is invisible & insignificant cuz I am hoping no one reads my rants….

I’m over my “Black Gurl Pity Party” I know what I must do but it ain’t gonna be easy….. but the tired cliche says,” Nothing worth while ever is easy”

I have been trying to take the path of least resistance but that too has it’s consequence.

Fuck It. Let the pieces fall where they must.

My little plans are folley in the eyes of God.

As some doors for me have closed other ones are flying open. Found a nice little cheap warehouse space in Alhambra but the only down side is that it’s in Alhambra.  I’ll try to find something a little closer to the hood but we shall see.

I’ve been getting requests for Volume 2 of my smut & poetry…… I didn’t realize sex is like recession proof! After all these years huh? Who would of guessed!

I’m bored now


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