In the beginning & the end—- It’s all about the work!

Man, I am feeling myself right now! I don’t why I get such a sense of accomplisment when my clients are happy.

I love being a part of other peoples dreams, and as they start to materialize– the joy of seeing someone else’s dreams come true is just priceless.  I’m so grateful & humbled that I can be a part!

I spent sooooo many years branding & packaging other artists & designers that by the time I opened my own studio, I just wanted to focus on me… That’s why I wasn’t excepting any new clients for the longest time.  But this recession changed all that! I’m not to the point of looking for work(thank God)…. but I’m not turning people away anymore like I used to.  I am @ a point in my life that I am just open.  So that’s why I’ve been doing so much branding lately & hey! It increases my brand recognition by developing other businesses brand…. not to mention $$$$

Yesterday was a very productive day.  I have more dvd’s in stock– cmj 18&19 plus whatever 3&4.  The circulation of those widgets are causing quite an impact. Neva would of thought!

It’s raining now, so I want to get some writing done…..cuz u know i love to write & paint in the rain.

Keep it Crackin’ Ya’ll


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