My Beautiful Struggle: is still…..

oh where should I start? There so many things[more like people] comin’ @ me of late, that Idon’t want to talk to anyone without a NDA in place.

MENTAL NOTE: I dont like to talk on the phone– thats why I dont have a cell phone!!  IT IS NOT PERSONAL! EVERYONE in my life THINKS that they are important enough to have my cell phone number—when they are not.  So I had to implement a little tough love. When people [and i mean everyone] demonstrate that they can keep calls that are unrealated to busine$$ under 2 min. or less & not waste my valueble time with repetitive calls over trivial bullshit…. Then and only then will I give you my#. But untill then–email me and you can ramble on into eternity.

Oh! and my house phone….. fuggitaboutit!  Only about 10 people have that #…… yeah, its that serious! I have no idea wassup with people right now, coming @ me?  I’m just chillin’ right now.  Humanity NEVER fails to disappoint me. Thats why I only trust me & God



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