Week in Review

Strange week…..I gotta make a lot of personal & professional changes in my life–and very soon. When it was just me it was so much easier. I chose to be an independant artist because it’s simpler, faster, and less complicated. It takes precious time away from my work when I’m constantly have to coordinate/supervise/mentor & Listen to the needs of others.

I’m trying to share & open up some but that is coming @ the expense of my own fun & putting me in the role of Mother Hen. What to do? My hide out isn’t hidden anymore & I don’t know if or how the genie can be put back into the bottle? Speaking of black…..Don’t freak out or be surprised when u roll by the studio & the windows are blacked in and there’s a By Appointment only sign in the window. The time is drawing RRRRRREEEEAAAALLLL near. Sorry, I have to admit when I’m done. DONE.

My expansion/collabo/team building plans are sucking all fun the out of the things I love doing the most and that’s Really strange for me. How does that happen. How come the more “Real” things become(as opposed to being a mere dream or idea) the more stucture & order have to be instituted. My usual reflex coping mechanism has always been –Whatever or Whomever is causing the problem has got to go. But alas life has proven not to be so black & white absolute.

I am over the cell phone thing again too.l…but I am resisting the urge to diconnect again.

My dog has officially become more bother than he is worth. If animal control has got him, they can keep him. If Rufus (my beagles name) doesnt appreciate our family then I release him to the world in which he came. NO MORE PETS

It’s cake day….& I’m not even in the mood to bake a fucking cake. 😦

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