Smiles for miles!

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Ahhh the trappings of the gilded cage don’t stop! E$ brought me a vintage 6 string strat & a youngin’ to shred fa’ me!! I know… This imaginary band is materializing Fast! I’ve been lucid dreaming like mad!
Since I removed my nesting chair I’ve been practicing my shadow puppet segment, stringing my marionettes & costuming my rod puppets. I’m so impressed & proud of myself. I even went to storage & got out the art for my unfinished short Technomom. I abandoned the project about 7 years ago cuz I got bored…All that work! I hand drew the entire piece w/ colored pencils! 😀
When did life become so fucking effortless? Give Praise & Thanks to Most High for my infinite enchanted life…..I believe so I humbly recieve. Gotta go now… I have a photo shoot @ 2. 🙂
So much fun in one lifetime should be illegal

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