….Meanwhile in AfroPuff’s WorkShop..

Ive been meaning to post my some of my creative activities for a while. Where do I begin.

  1. Im prepping for my first workshop offerings. Still trying to find the perfect location. I made up all of these clip art sheets and paper cuttings for a PaperCrafting workshop. I wanna do like a tea/wine/create party situation. Might have to ditch the wine if I use a parks and recreation facility tho.
  2. Im prepping my new zines. I know that I should do one at a time but when have I ever done something the easy way?
  3. Im making up as much merch as I possibly can. After my hellish past 6 months with water damage, Im putting the shop back together as soon a humanly possible so that I can get back to full production.
  4. Since I can’t find a damn job(its never been this hard for me to find one before) I decided to just lean the fuck in and explore more avenues that I haven’t utilized yet like building Patreon campaigns. Ive been checking out other artists campaigns and how they structure them. I figure that I can do presales, and such by offering pretty cool incentives like coloring pages and prints…..maybe mini paintings. But in the meantime, Thank God for my Customers for holding me down. ❤

On a sadder note my dear friend Melanie Hadley passed away late last month. A lot of you new her from her company New Hood Order. We would vend a lot together and as the spring and summer seasons near, Im just devastated by the loss. What makes it worse is that I can’t get any info on her passing or final arrangements which is odd as fuck. Her family hasn’t made any announcements and her other friends know about as much as I do. Such a damn shame but you know how families are. She was such a beautiful and kind person, she deserved better. Melanie will be sadly missed. <Sigh> And then there was Nipsey Hu$$le 😦 Dude with all of this grief going on thank God that I splurged on a new beautiful banjolele. My new purple bae. Ya’ll might even be able to get a live show out of me some time soon. 2019-03-28 13.24.32 Isn’t she lovely? She’s such a loud little barker with a very bright sound.

Lastly, Ive been relentlessly seeing All these Damn Angel numbers! Da Hell is going on with that? 10:10, 12:12, 222, 11:11 Lawd Have Mercy!

Well thats it for now. Check out my online shop for all my latest offerings. Here

Peace out Fam. Live Life Well. It goes quicker than you think.

Hey There….

2016 has been a bitch. A real bitter biotch. Bowie, Prince, & my Father in law. I’m hanging…but barely.

I’m in uncharted territory. I have to go into ultra show pony mode. This is the first time in my life that i have to get new benefactors.

Recently, I did a pop-up installation at the BGBF16. It was so lit.

ICYMI:—-> I got a write up on L.A. Weekly.com

Im so freaking busy!!! Ive been grinding away every since #The BlkGrrrl BookFair. I haven’t even posted stuff about #FlashTag installation down @CAAM. But i’ll get to that laters. Here is a link to the article about me in the L.A. Weekly. You can see it here–> http://www.laweekly.com/arts/street-art-british-punk-japanese-cute-and-black-culture-all-in-one-artist-5460319. I have events scheduled for the rest of the month. Satuday, 4/18 from 12-4 pm, I’ll be part of the Zine Space at The Craft and Folk Museum on Wilshire. On April 25, 2015, I’ll be speaking on the Street Art Panel @CAAM about the #FlashTag Event & Installation. It would be great to have a big turn out for this historical event that happening.

I’ll catch up soon as a get a chance.

Peace Love & Light



AfroPuff Music On SoundCloud…

Since I got this show coming up @ the Whiskey A Go Go! Yes its my first show there. Ive been updating my SoundCloud page >>> http://soundcloud.com/adah1. Ive posted a mix of the old with the new.  I’ll be performing a mix of my material and some classic blues standards with a rock twist of course.  Tickets are gonna be $10 buck. I’ll be posting a link over the next couple of days so that the tickets can be purchased on my site or here.

Life is Awesome…. Great time of my life and i feel so comfortable with who I am.  Loves My Banjo!

Prince’s 21 Nite Stand: My Big Purple Disappointment >:(


Angelenos of all ages and colors came out to see “His Royal Badass” do his thing. All the hype built around this long awaited tour has left me with a bitter (not even bittersweet) taste in my mouth. I have been a Prince Fan since the first time that I heard “Soft & Wet” playing on KDAY when I was in the 5th grade. So it saddens me greatly to review Friday’s lackluster show of Prince’s 21 Nite Stand at The Forum.

I can sum up Prince’s anti-climatic performance with a couple of key grievances:

(1)  The wait between sets were longer than the performance itself! The audience waited until 12 midnight for an encore that never happened. I was told that he had been giving 4-6 encores in his previous shows but last night we barely go two. The security team raised our hope a little when they started clearing the crowd from The Purple Circle, but it was only for Prince to come back out riding a bicycle around the floor of The Forum and leave again. WoW! Really Prince? Was that All? The crowd waited around for an hour– waiting for him to come back out before we began to disperse!

(2)  He teased us with little snippets of all his greatest hits. But we never reached the climax of Princely purple euphoria. that we collectively hoped and paid for. Nobody likes a tease. And Tease us is about all that he did.

(3)  Mint Condition was alright for an opening act. I’m not the biggest R & B fan. The Alicia Keys appearance was nice, but “When U Were Mine” is my favorite Prince song and I would of actually liked to hear him sing it–> not her. 😡

He boasted, “I’ve got so many hits…” Well it would of been nice if you played them your Royal Purpleness.

*Note to older and established artists: The reality is that people come to see you perform the classic hits that made you famous–not your new stuff. Sorry

When I got home my son said to me, “Mom– it sounds as if you had Raised Expectations?!” You’re Damn Right I Do. I have supported him his entire career through the purchase of every album and B-side he has ever made… Sometimes even twice! And let’s not go into merchandise. So Yeah, I know he’s an international superstar and everything but that is no excuse to give the fan base that supports you The Shaft.

My expectation was to enjoy a wonderful evening of the music that I grew up on along with the other fans that are as passionate about the music as I am. What a freaking let down!

Given Prince’s track record for being a flakey, moody “temperamental” artist, I have forgiven his behavior again and again because of his music genius. But when you get gypped/stiffed/ or shafted it is really hard to keep making excuses for someone no matter how much you love their work….

Downtown Artwalk!!!

Yes for the first time I am coming out of my hole this year.  I will be down at the Artwalk!  It’s about time huh? I got so many things to share but erik is urging me NOT to show too much!

Yes I know, break them off like crack hoes.

Till then….


Picanniny Freeze

John of Cincinnati

I should of known that John of Cincinnati would be cancelled….  because  I liked  it.  It must  be a curse.  If something on tv actually can hold my attention, and I can’t tell what’s going to happen next– i knew it wouldn’t last.

R.I.P.John of Cincinnati……don’t be too sad, your show was too good for the brain dead masses anyway.  Let ’em watch America can Dance/Top Model/American Idol or whatever is the tired ass show du jour.