….Meanwhile in AfroPuff’s WorkShop..

Ive been meaning to post my some of my creative activities for a while. Where do I begin.

  1. Im prepping for my first workshop offerings. Still trying to find the perfect location. I made up all of these clip art sheets and paper cuttings for a PaperCrafting workshop. I wanna do like a tea/wine/create party situation. Might have to ditch the wine if I use a parks and recreation facility tho.
  2. Im prepping my new zines. I know that I should do one at a time but when have I ever done something the easy way?
  3. Im making up as much merch as I possibly can. After my hellish past 6 months with water damage, Im putting the shop back together as soon a humanly possible so that I can get back to full production.
  4. Since I can’t find a damn job(its never been this hard for me to find one before) I decided to just lean the fuck in and explore more avenues that I haven’t utilized yet like building Patreon campaigns. Ive been checking out other artists campaigns and how they structure them. I figure that I can do presales, and such by offering pretty cool incentives like coloring pages and prints…..maybe mini paintings. But in the meantime, Thank God for my Customers for holding me down. ❤

On a sadder note my dear friend Melanie Hadley passed away late last month. A lot of you new her from her company New Hood Order. We would vend a lot together and as the spring and summer seasons near, Im just devastated by the loss. What makes it worse is that I can’t get any info on her passing or final arrangements which is odd as fuck. Her family hasn’t made any announcements and her other friends know about as much as I do. Such a damn shame but you know how families are. She was such a beautiful and kind person, she deserved better. Melanie will be sadly missed. <Sigh> And then there was Nipsey Hu$$le 😦 Dude with all of this grief going on thank God that I splurged on a new beautiful banjolele. My new purple bae. Ya’ll might even be able to get a live show out of me some time soon. 2019-03-28 13.24.32 Isn’t she lovely? She’s such a loud little barker with a very bright sound.

Lastly, Ive been relentlessly seeing All these Damn Angel numbers! Da Hell is going on with that? 10:10, 12:12, 222, 11:11 Lawd Have Mercy!

Well thats it for now. Check out my online shop for all my latest offerings. Here

Peace out Fam. Live Life Well. It goes quicker than you think.

Round One: AFROPUFF PaperToy Pics!

Yesterday was the perfect day for shooting in the garden with some of my paper friends! 😀
Butterfly Goddess PaperToy © Adah Glenn
Bright Idea Goddess PaperToy perched on a bird of paradise © Adah Glenn
GreenPill Totem on Mushroom Paper Toy © Adah Glenn
Green Pill Head perched on a Bird of Paradise © Adah Glenn
BoxToy Group Shot © Adah Glenn
Cyclops BoxToy © Adah Glenn
AfroGoddess PaperToy © Adah Glenn

 More To Come…..So Stay Tuned 🙂


In the beginning & the end—- It’s all about the work!

Man, I am feeling myself right now! I don’t why I get such a sense of accomplisment when my clients are happy.

I love being a part of other peoples dreams, and as they start to materialize– the joy of seeing someone else’s dreams come true is just priceless.  I’m so grateful & humbled that I can be a part!

I spent sooooo many years branding & packaging other artists & designers that by the time I opened my own studio, I just wanted to focus on me… That’s why I wasn’t excepting any new clients for the longest time.  But this recession changed all that! I’m not to the point of looking for work(thank God)…. but I’m not turning people away anymore like I used to.  I am @ a point in my life that I am just open.  So that’s why I’ve been doing so much branding lately & hey! It increases my brand recognition by developing other businesses brand…. not to mention $$$$

Yesterday was a very productive day.  I have more dvd’s in stock– cmj 18&19 plus whatever 3&4.  The circulation of those widgets are causing quite an impact. Neva would of thought!

It’s raining now, so I want to get some writing done…..cuz u know i love to write & paint in the rain.

Keep it Crackin’ Ya’ll